Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation start with the design of a program. This means development and definition of appropriate indicators, outputs, outcomes and targets. Only when a proper baseline research is conducted and monitoring is performed during the course of a program, assessment of program results is possible.
The formulation of indicators and the preparation of a logframe including objectives, activities, desired results and budgeted costs is an assignment that many people struggle with.
I like this work and regularly people approach me to develop a logframe for a project.In the development of logframes I base myself often on the book:

This book provides a model in which an evaluation and monitoring system is built. The training Result based programming that I have developed with Albanian colleagues is based on this handbook.

I myself,  planned or implemented many evaluations since 1986. The last time I did an evaluation was for the organization Waste. In Serbia, I evaluated the program “Fair waste practices that work for all people” . Through meetings and interviews with key stakeholders in the program based on the methodology of  ‘most significant change’ I evaluated the results of the program together with my colleague Nenad Rikalo from Serbia.